Ube halaya

Ube halaya is a famous Filipino dessert made with purple yam. It is easily prepared by cooking mashed purple yams in plain milk, coconut milk, or condensed milk alongside sugar and vanilla essence. When set, it results in a slightly sweet treat that has a sticky texture and a unique purple color. Even though it …

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Bistek Tagalog

Bistek Tagalog is a traditional meat dish originating from the Philippines. It consists of thinly sliced beef that’s marinated and braised in a combination of citrus juice (usually from lemon, lime, or calamansi fruit), onions, garlic, soy sauce, and pepper.   It is believed that the dish was derived after the Spanish bistec encebollado. When …

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Pinipig is immature glutinous rice that is pounded until it transforms into delicate flakes with a unique light green color, subtle flavor, and an unusual, delicate texture. Before consumption, the flakes are usually lightly toasted until crispy and light in color. The toasted flakes are used in an array of Filipino dishes – they are often …

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